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Moroccan Style
Chickpea Pie
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Chickpea, tomato, apricot, and coriander in a spicy sauce, topped with a puff pastry lid.


INDULDGE. The humble classic, chickpeas... Perfectly partnered with Moroccan-inspired spices and apricots for a not-so-guilty pleasure!


Basmati rice in a fragrant, spiced sauce with cauliflower, aubergine, peppers and onions.

DISCOVER. Let the warm heat of the fragrantly spiced biryani take you away to a whole new world. Serve with poppadoms and lime pickle.

Roasted Vegetable

Short grain rice, peas and green beans tossed in a smoked paprika, tomato and white wine sauce.

ENERGISE. A sunshine inspired recipe...Turn up the volume of your flamenco music, pour a glass of Sangria, and feel the energy!




A spicy tomato sauce, with cherry tomatoes, roasted peppers, red chillies, and onions served with penne pasta.


SPARK. Ignite your senses - we've turned up the heat in the kitchen for this arrabbiata, bursting with roast peppers and red chillies.

Spinach &

Chickpea Curry

Chickpeas, spinach, sweet potato, and onion in a spicy curry sauce of coconut, tomato, and coriander

REVITALISE. Boost your vitality with this ultimate curry in a hurry. Full of tomato-ey goodness... Finish with a dollop of mango chutney.

Spaghetti with

Aubergine Ragu


Wholewheat spaghetti in a rich tomato sauce, with peppers, mushrooms, aubergine, lentils, basil and oregano.


ENRICH. Spaghetti in a rich aubergine ragu. For an extra kick, why not drizzle with some chilli oil before twirling around your fork?

Smoky Chipotle

Vegetable Chilli

A fragrant cumin and smoked chipotle chilli infused sauce with onion, pepper and mixed beans. 


INFUSE. Rich and spicy flavours permeate this classic chilli. Scoop up with crunchy tortillas and chunky guac for real Mexican vibes.

Thai Green

Vegetable Curry


An aromatic and lightly spiced curry with veggies and a delicate lime leaf and lemongrass fragrance.


LIFT. Carry your senses off to central Thailand with the delicate flavours of coconut , fresh lime leaf, and aromatic spices.

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