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Why Veganuary?

Whether you are a full time vegan, or introducing more plant-based foods into your diet, or perhaps you don't like to put a label on it, you'll still have heard of Veganuary! (If not click HERE to get clued up!)

Gourmade Foods (the ready meal company who stock our products) have written a fantastic blog post on the topic of Veganuary and we have pulled out some of our favourite bits to share with you!

As well as discussing the incredible benefits that eating a plant-based diet has for your health, the animals and our planet, Gourmade also discussed the FANTASTIC FOOD you will be eating when taking on a plant-based diet. And they couldn't be more right:

Maybe you’ve got a vision of plant-based eating as a miserable affair, of endless plates of cucumber sticks and fruit salad. If so, you couldn’t be more wrong. Not only are there some amazing alternatives to animal products available, but these are actually the least exciting of plant-based meals. Vegan food does not have to be boring. From butternut biryanis and black bean burgers to buddha bowls, there is a plethora of options before you. This is an opportunity to discover new cuisines and spice up your cooking routine. Even when it comes to cakes and biscuits, you’ll find wonderful alternatives to the classic butter and egg based goodies.

"Vegan food does not have to be boring"

How to Survive Veganuary

We know as well as anyone that starting a new habit, routine or diet can be difficult, especially if it's such a big jump from what you are used to. Here are some fantastic tips for how to "survive" the month that you will be SO grateful you tried!


One way to rev up for a challenge is to hear the success stories of others who have taken a similar leap. This is why we love hearing from YOU! From your last minute Veganuary decisions, to that time when your sister made you eat scrambled tofu for breakfast and you've been plant-based ever since! Everyone's journey is different.

We ask our plant journey peeps the question "Do you have any advice you would like to give to those just starting a plant-based diet?" and there's so many fantastic answers to read that may help you with your Veganuary venture, or your mission to eat more plant-based meals!

Here's a few quotes we've pulled to help you get inspired:

Megan's Plant Journey:

"Educate yourself so you know why you’re doing this and making the lifestyle change, be prepared to back yourself in arguments with trolls (or even family members!) and be inventive with your food so you don’t get bored and fail!"

Alyssa's Plant Journey:

"Start somewhere whether that is switching to nondairy milk or meatless Mondays! It’s okay to have slip ups, just keep going! No one is perfect. Invest in your health and yourself, one meal at a time!"

Darcie's Plant Journey:

"Have a look on social media at other people’s recipe ideas and look in the supermarkets at the wide range of alternatives!"

Rhys's Plant Journey:

"Try it! Just start and see how easy it is. There are so many resources online. Make sure you eat vegetables, but don’t exclusively eat green meals, eat how you normally would but without the cruelty. There are vegan steaks, sausages, bacon, egg, kebabs etc so you can be the biggest meat lover and just change to a vegan alternative. You don’t have to live a super healthy life to be a vegan! Also watch documentaries. Educate yourself so you have the impetus behind you to want to keep making that change. When you’re driven by your convictions, it makes it a lot easier to keep on track!"


You don't have to "suffer" or "miss out" on treating yourself when eating a plant-based diet. In fact, if you focus on seeing the food your eating as treating you and your body well - you can't go wrong! But one way you can treat yourself is by taking a night off from cooking and trying one of our vegan ready meals!

Packed with flavour and with 8 options to choose from, you really are in for a treat with this selection - and they are available for home delivery straight to your door! Also - if you're reading this in January 2021 (quick check the calendar!) then you're in for a treat. This month Gourmade are offering 20% off our vegan range (and free delivery!) when you spend £50 or more on our meals. This includes the EAT.PLNT hamper, which already has 10% off! It's a no brainer, and then you don't even have to make decisions on what to pick!


As Gourmade said, whether you go the whole hog for 31 days or just try going plant-based once a week, you’re sure to discover some wonderful new flavours, and be doing some good for yourself and the world at the same time. Good luck!

Love the EAT.PLNT team.

Thank you to the team at Gourmade Foods - Check out their Viva La Veganuary! blog post here!

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