A Plant-based diet for beginners: the one-day a week rule

Starting a plant-based diet is a journey that doesn’t generally begin in one simple, early summer morning! The lifestyle requires preparation, thought, research and resisting temptation! Never mind having to re-learn your ingredients, which stores sell what plant-based alternatives, along with trying out what kind of food you and your family genuinely love, like and hate.

Honestly, it can take a lot of time, effort and energy to commit to this lifestyle change, but we know you can do it, and here’s one piece of advice to start you off!

Let’s start off with telling yourself you don’t have to leap from one extreme to the other, but simply change one day a week to eating a plant-based diet. The positives of starting your journey this way are endless, for example, it would allow you to have time to research, learn and slowly adapt to your plant-based journey. You’ll soon be able to switch to plant-based – or not! It is your journey and you can take it at whatever pace you feel comfortable with.

Meat-free Monday, set up by Paul McCartney, is a popular non-profit that campaigns and educates individuals to eat meat-free one day a week. In honour of their 10th anniversary, Tom Hanks himself has started to follow meatless Monday along with Ringo Starr, Paul Rudd, Alicia Silverstone, Orlando Bloom, and Ellie Goulding. If you ever need inspiration, Tom Hanks is inspiring as always by saying that:

“No meat on Monday, it’s actually a simple and easy thing to do.”

- Tom Hanks

So if Woody from Toy Story can do it, then so can you!

I know what you’re thinking; that all sounds good, but will it still take lots of time to make the food? And what about researching how to switch to plant-based for one day of the week? There’s so many inspiring articles out there with tips, tricks and advice. Also, if you follow the hashtag #MFMCountMeIn you'll be able to see others following the scheme. In addition, our very own hashtag #MyPlantJourney shows people at all different stages of their plant-based diets!

Remember - if you don’t have inspiration to cook, but want to start introducing yourself to a plant-based diet, at EAT.PLNT we can easily send your meals to your door! On top of that, you can save time as you’ve already picked out your meals that can happily stay in your freezer until you’re peckish.

In conclusion, being plant-based as a beginner isn’t as stressful as you may have first thought, thanks to Meat-free Monday and EAT.PLNT creating a stress-free diet transition.

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