Lynne's Plant Journey

Our next plant journey story is from Lynne, 42 who is Scottish and living in the beautiful Portugal.

1. When did you start your plant-based journey and why?

I have been heavily plant based diet for around 5 years. Was never really keen on meat as hated the look of it and body never craved it. I seem to crave lots of plants and fruits and find its easier to eat this way as the choice in supermarkets and health shops huge.

I personally still eat eggs once a week but I exercise around 5 times a week and find I can get adequate protein from tofu, quinoa and other vegan alternatives like lentil burgers. My health has meant I focus more on a plant-based diet as I am very mindful that food is medicine.

Living in Portugal means i can access lots of variety fresh fruit and veg!

2. Is there a certain food you miss and what do you have as a plant-based alternative?

I certainly do not miss meat, but lots of things like beetroot burgers means you can feel like your having something treat-like that is not sluggish to digest!

3. What’s your go-to easy dinner?

I love salads. Hot or cold with lots veg and tofu means I can get it on plate quick! Plus I can change the veg depending on my mood.

4. Who is your favourite/most inspiring plant-based account to follow?

@LucasVegan..... I met him in a plant based eatery in Portugal where he worked and wow he is passionate about eating plants and eating well. He is Brazilian so comes from a big meat eating culture!

5. Where do you see the future of Plant-Based eating?

I think more and more people will introduce plant based days when they realise fully the food they could be eating.

6. Which EAT.PLNT meal would you like to try the most?

Cauliflower Biryani

7. Do you have any advice you would like to give to those just starting a plant-based diet?

Just experiment! Roast chickpeas, add extra veg and look on Instagram for inspiration. Your tastebuds, digestion and skin will thank you.

Thanks Lynne, it's been great to hear your story!

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Love the EAT.PLNT team,

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