Celine's Plant Journey

Our next plant journey story is from Celine from Cambridge, aka @feedingthegram

Her Instagram, which features lots of DELICIOUS home cooked food we can't stop scrolling!

1. When did you start your plant-based journey and why?

I’ve been vegetarian for about a year and wanted to transition to vegan but had to wait for health reasons. Then this year I joined veganuary and then continued afterwards and love it!! I wanted to go vegan after seeing how animals were treated and the effect of the dairy and meat industry on the environment. I also watched documentaries like Cowspiracy and the Game Changers which motivates me to read more into it to found out all the health benefits from a vegan diet.

I’d often see posts about the intelligence and feelings that animals have which made me feel really bad for them as they’d often be tortured and killed just for the benefit of humans. I found it unfair that we treat animals which we don’t typically have as pets differently to those we do.

2. Is there a certain food you miss and what do you have as a plant-based alternative?

The main food I miss is eggs at the moment as pretty much everything else there’s a substitute for. I eat a lot of tofu and am trying to get more seitan and tempeh but it’s not as readily available at the moment. I also eat some meat substitutes like Quorn and Linda McCartney as well as the supermarket own brands.

3. What’s your go-to easy dinner?

Rice & stir fried veg and tofu

4. Who is your favourite/most inspiring plant-based account to follow?

@thelittlelondonvegan because she posts constantly about current issues as well as about veganism.

5. Where do you see the future of Plant-Based eating?

I think it will grow dramatically as a lot of people have started adopting vegetarian/vegan diets after the start of the pandemic and it’s becoming more ‘trendy’ to be vegan I think.

More restaurants are also bringing in options for those with dietary requirements.

6. Which EAT.PLNT meal would you like to try the most?

Moroccan Style Chickpea Pie

7. Do you have any advice you would like to give to those just starting a plant-based diet?

Make sure to read up on requirements for a healthy and balanced diet as a vegan! Don’t miss out on protein etc.

Head to Celine's Instagram to see more tasty plant -based meals! https://www.instagram.com/feedingthegram/

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