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We use local produce where we can in all our meals. We scrutinise our ingredients to bring you the best!


We freeze from fresh within minutes of making, locking in all those valuable nutrients. This means we don’t need to add any nasty preservatives or chemicals.


For more information on ingredients for specific meals, and any allergens, please see the individual meals on our range page.

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We are very excited to have our products registered with the Vegan Society. They are the charity that coined the term ‘vegan’ and are experts in the field.


Thank you so much to the fantastic team at The Vegan Society for working with us to ensure our meals were checked in great detail. Each of our ingredients in the EAT.PLNT meals have been researched and verified by the Vegan Society as having no animal products used at all in the entire manufacturing process which is excellent news.


We can’t wait to share the meals with you!
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